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Dear Colleagues, 

We are pleased to announce that the Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS) will host the 2024 International Conference of Physiological Sciences (2024 ICPS) in the Hongdao International Conference & Exhibition Center, Qingdao, China from August 22 to 25, 2024 .

Qingdao is a most popular seaside city that lies in the south-east of Shandong Province. 2024 ICPS will provide a perfect opportunity for the physiologists around the world to meet together and share their latest physiological research. 

It has been 8 years since we co-organized the International Conference of Physiological Sciences 2016 together with The American Physiological Society, The Australian Physiological Society, Brazilian Society of Physiology, Canadian Physiological Society, The Physiological Society of Japan, The Physiological Society, and The Scandinavian Physiological Society. To further strengthen our interaction with physiologists of different societies, CAPS has made an initiative to organize another event of similar nature in 2024 with our international partners. Apart from physiologists within China, CAPS has made strenuous effort to secure the participation of hundreds of Chinese physiologists who have established laboratories in other parts of the world.

Prof. Yun Wang 

We cordially invite you to attend the conference. Your participation is a guarantee of the conference's success. We look forward to meeting you in Qingdao this August.

Yours sincerely,


Prof. Yun Wang 
President of The Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences

Important Dates

Call for Plenary Speakers open

January 2, 2024

Call for Plenary Speakers close

February 10, 2024

Call for Symposium Proposals open

January 2, 2024

Call for Symposium Proposals close

March 28, 2024

Start of Online Registration and Abstract submission

March 28, 2024

Call for Young Physiologist Symposium close

April 30, 2024

Abstract submission close

June 9, 2024

Online Registration close

July 31, 2024

Plenary Speakers

(To be updated)
Shao-Rong Gao

Tongji University, China

Topic:Epigenetic regulation of cell fate: Learning from early embryo development and somatic cell reprogramming

Sabrina Diano 

Columbia University, USA

Topic:Nutrient sensing and central regulation of metabolism

Ru-Rong Ji

Duke University, USA

Topic:Neuroimmune cross-talk in physiological and pathological pain and itch

Esteban Ballestar

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute,Spain

Topic:Uncovering the Basis and Clinical Relevance of Epigenetics in Inflammation

MAYR Manuel

Imperial College London, UK

Topic:Proteomics Strategies to Identify New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targets

Marcus Conrad

Helmholtz Munich German Research Center for Environmental Health, Germany

Topic:Modulating Ferroptosis for Disease Prevention

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